Cisco to acquire home network enabler Pure Networks

Cisco Systems said it will acquire Pure Networks, a Seattle-based home network software company, for about $120 million. Home networks using Cisco's Linksys products may already use Pure's software because it is part of the Linksys Easy Link Advisor supporting home network set-up and management.

Network World reports that Cisco wants to add more capabilities to Pure's software as the nature of home networks advances from merely sharing peripherals on a broadband connection to actually connecting multiple networks and applications. Applications like content sharing or utility control within the home are on every service provider's wish list, but the home networking environment for now remains an area of great complexity, with  many different wiring options, a lack of interoperability and a lack of clarity about who ultimately will take the most responsibility for managing the home network. Telcos are in the mix for that job, and probably are the most suitable candidates, but the device, interface and support system complexity involved also means that companies like Cisco and Microsoft need to play major roles.

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