Cisco to shut down... for four days

Much is being made of the decision by Cisco Systems to shut down its facilities in the U.S. and Canada from Dec. 29 to Jan. 2--four days packaged around the New Year's Day holiday. The company confirmed this plan in its own blog posting yesterday, though it also stated, "There will be some exceptions for targeted business-critical teams including technical assistance services, and channel partner and customer product ordering services."

The blog post is titled "Managing in a Challenging Economy," and follows news that Cisco will cut as much as $1 billion in costs over the next year to gird for a potentially sluggish 2009. Is this such a shocking idea? Maybe more companies should think about doing this during a difficult and uncertain time. In fact, let's all take about four days off to think about it... starting tomorrow.

For more:
- Here's Cisco's blog post

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