Clearwire makes Vegas bet on Ethernet wireless backhaul

WiMAX provider Clearwire is confident that for its Las Vegas market, Ethernet backhaul will bring it a jackpot. Coinciding with the official launch of its CLEAR service in the Las Vegas market, Clearwire announced that it will deploy Ciena's Carrier Ethernet Service Delivery (CESD) platform. Clearwire has been using the Ciena Ethernet gear for wireless backhaul in its Baltimore, Atlanta and Portland markets.

Officially launched in Las Vegas today, Clearwire's CLEAR service will be extended to serve about 1.7 million people over 638 square miles. The service will use WiMAX-enabled devices that the service provider says can deliver download speeds of 3-6 Mbps with bursts beyond 10 Mbps. For this particular deployment, Clearwire will deploy Ciena's LE-311v, Service Delivery Switches, CN 5305 Service Aggregation Switches and Ethernet Services Manager software.

Ciena has been making a name for itself in the Ethernet-based wireless backhaul market. Other notable wireless backhaul wins for Ciena include Sprint, which is leveraging the vendor's Ethernet platforms for its XOHM WiMAX network.

For more:
- here's the official Clearwire launch release
- here's Ciena's official release

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