CLEC levees holding for now amid economic storm

The Dow has suffered its biggest losses since 2002 and regressed to its lowest level since 2003. As you may remember, neither year was very kind to CLECs, who watched in horror as that earlier economic crisis decimated their numbers. At this week's Comptel conference in Orlando, there is much talk about the current economic storm and how well CLECs will weather it.

Not surprisingly, many in the sector expect spending from large customers in the financial services industry to drop off, and smaller businesses may even look to disconnect lines. Still, the CLECs who survived the last downturn may have learned how to manage debt, and took the opportunity in the rebound years that followed to refinance their operations. The healthier companies that resulted have been able to gain a stronger foothold in markets less crowded by upstart, flavor-of-the-month carriers. Let's just hope we find the real bottom someday soon.

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