Cloud computing remains divisive term

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting story about cloud computing. The story is built somewhat on how no one can agree what cloud computing really means, though also on criticism of the concept by Oracle chief Larry Ellison and others that cloud computing is really not much of a new thing at all. Indeed, some might call it grid computing or a variety of other names.

I would agree with that in part: It seems to me that cloud computing is just a 21st Century spin on the past Sun Microsystems proclamation that "the network is the computer." That is not an original thought, and I am probably even repeating myself, as well as others. But, it seems like there is more to cloud computing than that old phrase would suggest, because it's not just information resources that are being hosted elsewhere and accessed as needed; it's the full realization of desktop software and applications becoming services. It seems more like a services concept than a resource access concept, but maybe I'm just making things cloudier.

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