Cloudscaling pursues open source cloud platform

Cloudscaling, a cloud consulting firm that has assisted in the development of several public cloud offerings, today is debuting a solution based on the OpenStack open source cloud platform that is aimed at helping corporate enterprises build private clouds--which of course means it also could become another tool in the tool belt for carriers catering to enterprises.

Cloudscaling infographic

Image source: Cloudscaling

The company reportedly was readying its formal announcement of the solution for the Carrier Cloud Forum in Santa Clara, Calif., this week. Enterprise cloud services looked to be an early highlight from this show, as AT&T (NYSE: T) also announced a virtual private cloud service for enterprises this morning.

OpenStack was created less than two years ago when NASA and data center firm Rackspace decided to release technology they had been working on to the open source community. It has not been widely used by carrier cloud providers yet, with the exception of Internap, but it is worth noting that AT&T just last month announced its support for OpenStack activities. It is presumed that AT&T can bring the guidance to OpenStack that it needs to position the platform as carrier-grade.

Using open source technology could bring greater ease, efficiency and cost savings to the enterprise cloud market, and if more carriers like AT&T come out in support of it, the market could see something of a shift in dynamics. Perhaps larger carriers will not only offer private enterprise cloud configuration in tandem with their other managed services for enterprises, but also as a standalone service for corporate customers only interested in a quick-launch cloud platform.

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