Cnet: AT&T, Comcast may join RIAA team

Cnet News is reporting that AT&T and Comcast are among the ISPs that are expected to cooperate with the Recording Industry Association of America in its newest campaign to curb illegal Internet content downloads. The RIAA has ended its practice of suing individual users, and said recently it was recruiting ISPs to help create a new multi-step, anti-piracy program designed to educate users about downloading legally and to send warnings to them after they download something illegally. The RIAA would like to see the warnings escalate to the point that users have their Internet service suspended or cancelled if they don't change their illegal-downloading ways.

The RIAA thus far has not named the ISPs that may participate, and Cnet News is basing its finding on sources close to the two service provider giants. While the new approach might be better than the litigious route, prepare for the new cans of worms to be opened: To what level of detail will carriers be inspecting user content downloads? How willing will carriers really be to shut off customers who are paying them (if not the content owners)?

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