Cogent put off by Qwest long-haul price

Past experiences have shown that Cogent Communications CEO Dave Schaeffer will never be accused of saying too little, and so it is not necessarily surprising to hear that Schaeffer was very candid in talking about the likelihood of his company purchasing the long-haul assets of Qwest Communications that reportedly are for sale. And the likelihood is nil, according to a Telephony report that quoted a statement Schaeffer made publicly this week at the JP Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference.

He said Cogent already concluded it wouldn't be a bidder for the Qwest assets in part because Qwest is expecting too high a payoff, the Telephony story reads. Several carriers have been mentioned as potential buyers for Qwest's long-haul network, though Cogent is the first to even publicly acknowledge that it had thought about such a deal.

Some reports have suggested the long-haul network may be worth at least $2 billion. Schaeffer also said that if Qwest's long-haul assets end up in another carrier's hands, it probably would be "a non-event to the competitive landscape," as far as Cogent is concerned.

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