Cologix introduces new data center, connectivity bundle

Cologix, a neutral interconnection and colocation provider, on Tuesday broadened access to its Standard Connections product to more U.S. and Canadian cities.

Initially available in Toronto, the service will now be available in Cologix's carrier hotel data centers in Dallas, Minneapolis, Montreal and Vancouver. 

With Standard Connections, the service provider's customers can leverage leased access into a Cologix-controlled environment to colocate a single Ethernet switch or router. 

The advantage of Standard Connections, says Cologix, is that customers that need to expand their market presence and reach would be able to get immediate access to an array of network providers in its Meet-Me-Rooms as well as the network customers on the colocation floors.  

Existing and new customers will be able to buy the Standard Connections product at 1950 North Stemmons in Dallas, 511 11th Ave. South in Minneapolis, 1250 Rene Levesque West in Montreal and 555 West Hastings St. in Vancouver.

At these locations, customers will have access to the product, which includes individual rack units for network switches or routers, redundant UPS power and a cross connect to bring the leased access from one of the network providers in Cologix's Meet-Me-Room to the point of presence. 

While the company is entering new markets, the Standard Connections product is far from new, as it already is being used by 100 customers, including Hurricane Electric.

Reid Fishler, director at Hurricane Electric, said having a "presence at Standard Connections has enabled us to broaden our network reach through the opportunity for additional peering relationships, while continuing our strategic global expansion." 

Besides Hurricane Electric, U.S.-based XO Communications and AboveNet--now Zayo--which are looking to establish a broader presence in Toronto, are also leveraging Cologix's services.

XO, for instance, is using their interconnectivity services to target four key market verticals--finance, high-tech, media and telecommunications--that require service inside Toronto or high-speed access to markets in the United States.

With Gartner estimating that "almost 40 percent of the Canadian telecom passing traffic passes through Toronto," the market is important for Cologix.

By expanding its services in additional Canadian and U.S. cities, it can now build on the momentum with the Standard Connections service it had in Toronto and apply what it had learned there in its new markets.

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