Colt adds on-demand Ethernet service to growing SDN-enabled on-demand portfolio

Ethernet IP
Colt's Ethernet on Demand service supports dynamic real-time ordering, provisioning and flexing of high-bandwidth connectivity between locations connected to the Colt IQ Network.

Colt has introduced an Ethernet on-demand service for enterprise buildings, expanding its portfolio of SDN-enabled on-demand services.

The Ethernet on Demand service supports a number of features, including dynamic real-time ordering, provisioning and flexing of high-bandwidth connectivity between locations connected to the Colt IQ Network.

Through this service, enterprise customers will be able to get service out of over 5,000 enterprise buildings and 200 Data Centres that are currently eligible across 11 countries in Europe. Colt also plans to further expand its reach to additional locations during 2017, including Asia.

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This new service allows businesses located in Colt-connected enterprise buildings to intelligently meet variable additional demands for high-bandwidth applications, such as cloud connectivity, disaster recovery or real-time data backup.

Ethernet on Demand service is one element of Colt’s On Demand portfolio. It follows the launch of Colt’s DCNet On Demand in 2016, which manages high-bandwidth connectivity between data centers.

Colt’s on-demand portfolio is compelling because it allows enterprises to consume Ethernet connectivity services on the Colt IQ Network in real time via an online customer portal, bypassing the lengthy service delivery processes associated with legacy methods to order services. Similar to AT&T’s Ethernet on Demand service, customers also have full control and the ability to flex bandwidth requirements up and down instantaneously, using the portal.

Pricing is another factor. Customers have the option to choose per-hour pricing plans, as well as more traditional fixed-term contract durations.

Colt Ethernet On Demand is currently available for connectivity services in and between Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and the U.K.

While Europe and Asia are the initial focus for the on-demand service, Colt could potentially offer the on-demand Ethernet service in the United States, where it expanded its North American sales and support teams in 2016.