Colt Technology Services further connects with Microsoft on end-to-end cloud migrations for enterprises

Colt Technology Services expands its collaboration with Microsoft to further end-to-end cloud migrations for enterprises. (Pixabay)

Colt Technology Services announced on Monday that it has furthered its collaborative efforts with Microsoft. Colt was named as a launch partner for the Microsoft Peering Service, and it also announced it has joined the Azure Networking Service Provider (MSP) Program.

Previously, Microsoft's enterprise customers connected to the cloud via the public internet or by dedicated connectivity provided by an Azure ExpressRoute partner such as Colt.

The Azure Peering Service serves up a third connectivity option by enabling enterprises to tap into a direct connection between Colt's IP Access network and the public Microsoft Network without needing other providers between them. By making direct connections, Microsoft 365 users will have a better quality of experience due to the low latency connections and optimized routing.

By taking part in the new service, Colt can give its customers a predictable level of performance on a global scale through its 16 IP peering points while also being able to use a public IP addressing plan.

Azure Peering Service was also designed to eliminate some of the typical challenges experienced by users who are connecting to the cloud over the less reliable public internet, which include unpredictable performance, latency and availability. The Azure Networking Managed MSP Program enables managed service providers, telcos, and systems integrators (SIs) to offer cloud and hybrid networking services centered around Azure’s portfolio of networking products and services.

Azure Networking MSPs are a specialized set of managed service providers that address the enterprise cloud networking needs and challenges across all aspects of cloud and hybrid networking.

“We know that many organizations are in the process of migrating their on-premises operations either partially or fully to the cloud," said Colt's Peter Coppens, vice president, product portfolio, in a statement. "During such a digital transformation, organizations must have a connectivity provider that not only has the product set to facilitate these migrations, but also one that supports them through the transition.”

“We are thrilled to be furthering our collaboration with Microsoft because we know that their cloud and software offerings coupled with Colt’s connectivity proposition have the power to enable enterprises as they shift toward the next generation workplace.”

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At the start of this year, Colt announced it was delivering business applications by using Microsoft Office 365's cloud-based platform across the 13 European countries it serves. Colt is a Gold Partner of Microsoft and has been an Azure Express Route partner since 2014,

Colt's Intelligent Communications platform includes a customizable combination of Colt's SIP trunking services, premium internet or cloud access and Office 365 offerings such as Teams and Skype for Business. The applications are delivered on Office 365's cloud-based platform to give end users a familiar desktop experience.