Comcast Business targets remote workforce with new mobile voice app

Comcast Business (NASDAQ: CMCSA) has introduced its Voice Mobility product, a new phone line that includes a mobile app that allows employees to continue to get messages and calls if they are not at their desk or are on the road.

The service uses a single phone number to give employees whose jobs require them to work outside of an office an opportunity to stay connected to their business phone line at all times.

Using the new app, Comcast Business Voice Mobility delivers access to a range of calling features, including voice mail, Be Anywhere, Move Call, Transfer Call, Contacts, Recents, and Do Not Disturb.

Playing into the increasingly mobile nature of businesses, the new app extends Comcast Business' voice capabilities to employees on their iOS or Android mobile phones.

While Comcast is not a traditional mobile provider, it's clear that the cable MSO needs to have a wireless-like capability for its growing small and medium-sized business customer base. Existing and new customers in particular fields like legal and health care and could find this app be a useful addition to add to their Ethernet and IP-based voice networks.

It also gives Comcast Business another selling point as it enters new markets, including office parks such as Chico, Calif., California's East Bay region, Denver and New London County, Conn.. Comcast Business could potentially upsell customers in these new business locations the new app, a move that could further its revenue stream and customer bond.

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