Comcast expands, revamps global calling

Cable TV giant Comcast, which earlier this year touted its telephony success with that claim that it had become the third-largest residential telephone service provider in the U.S. in terms of total customers, is now revamping its approach to international calling by introduced a worldwide flat-priced plan. The Carefree Minutes Worldwide 300 plan provides customers with 300 minutes of calling to 100 countries for $14.95 per month.

The new model expands availability well beyond the 34 countries Comcast used to serve, and replaces packages that were centered around different international calling regions, such as portions of Latin America. Incidentally, with this week's Federal Communications Commission approval of CenturyTel's Embarq acquisition and the anticipated amalgamation of those companies into CenturyLink, Comcast likely will drop back to be the fourth-largest U.S. telco. Still, Comast has experienced consistently strong telephone subscriber growth on a quarter-by-quarter basis in recent years.

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