Comcast extends Office 365 through its cloud marketplace, eases SMB migrations

Comcast Business (NASDAQ: CMCSA) is making the popular Microsoft 365 platform available through its cloud application marketplace for small and medium-sized businesses, easing the resource-constricted SMB market segment's transition to the cloud.

This new offering will allow small to medium businesses to sign up for the cloud-based office software to access everyday applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint from any location or any device.

Additionally, Comcast Business will provide 1 TB of cloud storage per user as well as a set of collaboration tools that provide on-demand meetings and live, shared document editing.

Business customers will also have access to expert advice at no extra cost to help them transition to Office 365 and use it and other cloud services.

Comcast Business Cloud Solutions is a suite of cloud-based applications that enable SMBs to access software applications to help improve business productivity. The Cloud Solutions Marketplace offers a host of business solutions ranging from online backup, security, electronic signature and more from a number of key vendors including Microsoft, Carbonite, DocuSign, and F-Secure.

Comcast Business' timing is not coincidental. New research from Intuit forecasts that nearly 80 percent of small businesses in the U.S. will be using cloud computing by 2020, more than double the current usage.

Enabling SMBs to get access to Microsoft 365 also illustrates the notion that Comcast Business wants to be seen as a solutions provider and enabler for this industry segment.

SMBs typically don't have the requisite IT or technical resources to handle the rigors of a cloud migration so this service will likely resonate with this customer base, particularly those that conduct a lot of business online.

What's more, the pact with Microsoft will also be able to further Comcast Businesses bond with the SMB segment, one that continues to grow. During the first quarter, SMB service revenues consist of about 75 percent of the company's revenue and represent 60 percent of growth.

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