Comcast faces music for traffic-shaping denial

It is looking more like Comcast may face some harsh judgment from Federal Communications Commission in the agency's ongoing investigation of whether or not the cable TV company breached the FCC's Net Neutrality policy. Chairman Kevin Martin indicated in a speech at Stanford University Law School last Friday that Comcast's initial denial that it engaged in traffic-shaping practices that slowed or blocked some peer-to-peer traffic troubled him. "A hallmark of what should be seen as a reasonable business practice is certainly whether or not the people engaging in that practice are willing to describe it publicly," he said in the speech, according to a story today in The Wall Street Journal.

Comcast later did admit to "delaying" some Internet traffic, but adopting a policy of truth from the beginning certainly would have helped. Instead, Comcast and others are under increased scrutiny not only for questionable network management methods, but even for those that might have the best intentions.

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