Comcast makes move on New Global Telecom

Comcast may have been a late bloomer in the business services race, but its proposed acquisition of VoIP wholesaler New Global Telecom could be signaling that M&A is part of growing its business services portfolio.

While there are little to no financial or logistical details on the acquisition, NGT did reveal that it served over 100,000 VoIP seats.

"NGT is an innovative company that has expertise in developing, deploying, and managing voice and unified communications services that we plan to make available to our business services customers," Comcast said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. "Doing so will not only enhance the services we offer today, but will also enable us to deliver them more quickly and cost-effectively."

NGT is only one piece of its business growth strategy. Looking to expand beyond the lower end of the SMB market (1-20 employees), Comcast is also in the process of acquiring Cimco, a Chicago-based CLEC that it hopes will give it an entry point into medium-sized business customer accounts.

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