Comcast sends new network management plan to FCC

The Federal Communications Commission last month ordered Comcast to develop within 30 days a new plan for managing network traffic that would not punish users of specific bandwidth-intensive applications, such as peer-to-peer applications. With the clock winding down late Friday, Comcast filed its new approach with the FCC.

Comcast plans to analyze heaviest traffic connections during peak network usage times and reroute those users to a secondary traffic stream that will have lower priority on the network. The network operator said its tests of that method in five cities over three months yielded no customer complaints, and that less than 1 percent of its customers on average were affected on a daily basis.

Comcast plans to roll out this revised network management strategy nationally by the end of this year, and if this approach is successful, other network operators probably will pursue similar plans. At the same time, many broadband service providers are eying metered usage and usage-based pricing plans, but will those measures really be necessary to management strategies? Or will they simply be a way for carriers to better milk their broadband connections for more revenue?

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