Comcast taking digital care of its customers

When you’re on the bottom, there’s only one way to go—up. Comcast recently ranked at the bottom of the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which tracks consumer satisfaction with some 200 U.S. companies. And, it’s made such an impact with customers, there’s a website called, where hundreds of not-so-happy customers have posted a litany of complaints about the top U.S. cableco.

The Philadelphia-based company is making an effort to change all that. It’s joined a new trend taking shape in U.S. business. It’s monitoring blogs, social networks and message boards like ComcastMustDie. But while company’s like Southwest Airlines and Whole Foods Market get interactive by posting company news on the sites, Comcast has gone a step further … it’s responding to the criticism with personal emails from a “digital care manger.”

Some customers have been pleased with the attention they’ve gotten from the company. Some find it a little too Big Brother-ish.

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