Comcast vows 65 percent DOCSIS 3.0 market penetration by end of 2009

The day after its earnings downer, Comcast vowed it would cover 65 percent of its service footprint with high-speed DOCSIS 3.0 by the end of 2009.

This morning, a Comcast spokesperson noted that the company offers speeds of up to 50 Mbps to around 30 percent of its customer footprint.  Having 65 percent of its footprint covered by the end of the year would put it in good shape to meet its goal of having 100 percent of its customer base at DOCSIS 3.0 by the end of 2010. is hearing that San Francisco and Denver might be the next cities to get Extreme 50/50 Mbps speeds.

Comcast's COO Steven Burke is quoted as saying the company wants to get its entire footprint up to 12 Mbps and to offer "50 to 100 Mbps" in as many places as possible.

Fierce is betting one of the cities on deck for 100 Mbps speeds may be Comcast's home town of Philadelphia. Verizon recently won the rights to deploy FiOS in the City of Brotherly Love, so Comcast may want to preempt and position themselves as an equally/better technology offering.

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