Comptel 2010: Arbinet continues carrier transformation

As Arbinet continues to transform itself from its role of traditional exchange house to traditional service provider, it has launched a new series of routing capabilities for its carrier service customers.

Arbinet's customer-based Routingsm will enable its service provider or carrier customers to choose from various service levels for each destination on a route-by-route basis over a single trunk group. For example, a carrier can choose routes with guaranteed CLI delivery and Roaming Number (MSRN) support from Arbient's Premium Mobile routing table for destination where customers need high QoS and advanced features.

According to Andrew Baird, product manager for Arbinet, the new approach is more efficient because it eliminates the need to have a trunk group for each type of traffic. "This approach offers a cost savings because you don't have to maintain multiple trunk groups per carrier," he said in an interview with Light Reading. "Our wholesale customers connect to between two and five different carriers, so they don't have to use multi-trunk groups per carrier."

Another piece of Arbinet's ongoing transformation will be a continued focus on mobile operators. Following the release of its Premium Mobile service last week, Arbinet plans to launch a Mobile Exchange offering for wireless operators sometime this year.

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