Congress unlikely to address major tech issues in '09

Anyone hoping to get their technology-related issues heard by the U.S. Congress might have to wait until next year. Industry insiders say technology issues such as net neutrality, cybersecurity mandates and patent-litigation reform will take a back seat to Congress' ongoing health care reform efforts. Jot Carpenter, VP of public policy at CTIA, said in an interview with PC World that Congress is unlikely to put a lot of emphasis on technology issues for the rest of this year. "I don't think this is a big telecom session," said Jot Carpenter, vice president for public policy at CTIA. "Too many of the key players ... are busy with other projects."

However, Ari Schwartz, VP and COO for the Center for Democracy and Technology, thinks that there are plenty of other congressional members that could give some time to these issues. "October and November could be very long months," he said Tuesday. "You have a lot of staff not working on health care, who have a lot of time to do other things." What's more, Congress could set a path to have a number of these technology-related issues passed next year.

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