Connect Minnesota releases its new broadband availability report; Consumers prefer Internet-connected TVs

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> A new Parks Associates report reveals that consumers prefer Internet-ready TVs versus other features like 3D. Article

> Are government agencies going to leverage more Unified Communications technologies and applications in their day to day operations? Article

> Zimbabwe's state-run PSTN operator TelOne has connected 2,600 ADSL broadband customers to date since launching the service earlier this year. Article

> A consortium of consumer electronics groups are working on a new content protection technology for flash memory cards and other devices. Article

> Dutch telecom regulator Opta is going to closely monitor the actions of the country's incumbent service provider KPN. Article

And finally ... Despite the temptation to use a wireless connection for everything, including broadband data and video, the near-term reality is that wireline-based broadband still has the upper hand to support bandwidth hungry applications like streaming video. Article