Consolidated extends CloverLeaf's AppDaily to its IPTV subscribers

Consolidated Communications (Nasdaq: CNSL), one of the largest independent telcos in the United States, is enhancing its IPTV subscribers' experience by adding CloverLeaf's AppDaily TV apps solution to its lineup.

Cloverleaf AppDaily

Cloverleaf's AppDaily solution.

Subscribers will be able to access CloverLeaf's 40 localized news and information, social networking and DashDaily community publishing apps.

AppDaily is currently available to Consolidated's IPTV subscribers in Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas.

While much of the early IPTV capabilities developed by behemoth software providers like Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) were targeted at large service providers like AT&T (NYSE: T), AppDaily puts an easy-to-launch comprehensive solution in the hands of independent service providers like Consolidated to offer an app store and apps to their video subscribers.

For Consolidated, its relationship with CloverLeaf enables it to provide something else besides another me-too video service by playing into consumers' desire to have access to their video services on not only the TV, but increasingly their mobile device.

Having an interactive service like AppDaily should help the telco differentiate itself in markets where cable operators already enjoy an embedded video base that they are enhancing with bundles of higher broadband speeds and their own interactive applications.

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