Consumer Reports: Fiber-optic services best

Released on the eve of the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, Consumer Reports latest report anoints Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse bundles as the most "consistently satisfying providers" for Internet, TV, and phone services.

Of course, in areas where you can't get a telco-delivered bundle, Consumer Reports (CR) recommends a "highly-rated" cable company as the next best choice. CR notes that consumers may not have a choice choosing a cable provider, but cites Cox, CableVision, Bright House and Wow as "fine alternatives" to fiber-optic services. Otherwise, consumers are kind of stuck with a bundle with satellite DirecTV service as the next palatable alternative.

CR is hot for bundling, noting that competition between cable, satellite and fiber has driven down rates on Internet, phone and TV services, and that bundling makes sense for households served by fiber or a better cable company. 

However, all is not roses for the phone companies. There's a "high incidence" of billing complaints and feeds with triple play packages. Verizon FiOS also is below average for customer service, while cable companies had (no shock in this reporter's mind) fewer customer service problems overall.

For more:
- Press release from Consumer Reports on the goodness of fiber-based services.

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