Convergys taps Voci for cloud-based speech-transcription services

Companies are starting to base their product-and-service offerings on comments made by customers, so gathering business intelligence from outbound or call-center conversations is becoming more critical.  

To kick things up a notch, Convergys Analytics, a division of Convergys Corp., has turned to Voci Technologies' V-Cloud speech-recognition technology as a way of automating how it extracts customer comments from audio recordings. According to Voci, its V-Cloud SaaS uses a "pay-as-you-go structure" that will allow Convergys to upload and retrieve audio voice comments that could have taken days and specialized computer equipment to transcribe. Convergys only pays for the time it uses, with no upfront costs.

Industry analyst Mark Lowenstein recently wrote a column for FierceWireless, where he noted that speech recognition "is a technology that has experienced continual improvement over the past 20 years and is now a viable input technology in many contexts."

And points out that speech analytics software akin to that developed by Voci "mines and analyzes audio data, detecting things like emotion and stress in a customer's voice, the reason for the call, the products mentioned and more. Users can quickly identify a customer's needs, wants and expectations, and work to meet them."

"Each survey comment made by a customer provides critical insight into the customer experience," says Mike Cholak, vice president at Convergys Analytics. "Combining Convergys' analytic expertise with Voci's V-Cloud speech recognition capability allows us to reliably and accurately get a pulse on what our clients' customers are thinking and feeling, in order for them to make informed business decisions."

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