Copps takes over "demoralized" FCC

Acting Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Copps has his work cut out for him while Julius Genachowski works his way through Capital Hill approval. Observers of the FCC say the agency is "largely demoralized" and has lost a lot of its career experts.

Copps is intent on starting a process of cultural and procedural changes at the agency likely to be continued by Genachowski when he assumes command. In remarks to FCC staff on Monday, he said the agency would focus on the digital television transition and improving the internal and external lines of communication at the agency. 

More interaction is being encouraged between the various FCC bureaus and offices, with the chairman's office holding weekly briefings with bureau and office chiefs with a representative from each commissioner's office in attendance. Copps also called for more policy white papers for the public.

Agency officials have complained privately that former chairman Kevin Marin locked them out of policy decisions and was "secretive" of his schedule and plans - sometimes only revealing policy notices at the last minute for vote at the FCC's monthly open meetings.

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