Could tru2way be cable TV's IPTV equalizer?

Tru2way, the cable TV standard formerly known as OpenCable for its ability to enable third-party application development on an open set-top box platform, could be the technology force that helps the cable TV industry battle back against telcos who have eaten into their market. The tru2way standard is poised to help the cable guys deliver IPTV-like interactive features. Telcos getting into the TV business could benefit, too, from this open platform initiative, but not many of them are taking notice so far.

Remaining hurdles for tru2way include the overall expense of TVs and set-top boxes that include the technology, but the technology was one of the most buzzed-about topics at this month's The Cable Show in New Orleans. Following the event, consumer electronics giant Sony has aligned with several cable TV companies in memorandum of understanding calling for adoption of tru2way, significant because Sony reportedly had been a tru2way hold-out.

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