Cox brings 1 Gbps service to select Providence, RI properties

Cox Communications has set Providence, R.I., as the next stop on its 1 Gbps adventure, announcing that it will offer its Gigablast service to residential customers a number of the city's downtown properties.

Initially, the service will be available to customers that reside in Foundry's Sharpe building at 25 Holden St. Additional locations will include the Peerless building at 150 Union St. and Kinsley buildings at 334 Westminster St., owned by Cornish Associates.

Cox told the Providence Business Journal that Gigablast will be available at three additional Cornish Associates-owned properties downtown as they become available as residences.

During an event at the Westminster Lofts' Peerless building, Mayor Jorge O. Elorza said that Cox's debut of 1 Gbps service will make its city a more attractive place for residents and businesses to locate.

"The gigabit speeds available in these residential buildings are one more asset Providence can boast about to attract people to live, work and play here," Elorza said.  

The service is competitively priced. Existing Cox customers can get Gigablast for an additonal $35 per month if they add it to a service bundle. It is also available as a standalone service for $99 a month.

Already delivering 1 Gbps services to businesses for over 10 years, Cox plans to offer residential gigabit speeds in all of its markets by the end of next year. To date, Cox has launched Gigablast service in parts of Phoenix, Ariz., Orange County, Calif., Las Vegas and Omaha. 

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