Cox Business checks into the hotel video market

While Cox Business has continued to climb up the business market ladder delivering a host of data and voice services over its existing HFC and fiber networks, the one service that continues to be its churn buster with business customers is video. Hoping to leverage the success it saw in its Las Vegas market where it deployed video services in large hotels and casinos, Cox plans to deliver high definition video to major national and regional hotel chains throughout all of its markets.

Cox will offer businesses a choice of 24 encrypted HD channels for hotel customers, including local broadcast channels in addition to premium sports and pay movie channels with the ability to support more HD channels as needed. By leveraging Pro:Idiom-encrypted HD feeds, which are compliant with the same content security standards that are commonly used by the hospitality industry, Cox Business can deliver high definition content to every guest room without having to install a new set top box.

In addition to increasing its sales of high end data services such as Ethernet and voice, video continues to be a big seller for Cox Business. Kristine Faulkner, vice president of product development and management for Cox Business, says that not only are more businesses requesting video, but it is "the largest stabilizer to churn." At a time when Verizon is also making progress selling bundled triple play packages to businesses, it makes sense for cable companies to leverage their expertise in delivering the service their industry was initially founded upon.

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