Cox Business empowers local Sheriff's car theft prevention efforts

Cox Business is getting into the crime fighting business in New Orleans. The service provider is helping the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in New Orleans crack down on vehicle theft with its automated license plate recognition system. Cox Business will wire specially equipped cameras on utility poles and in patrol cars that will tip off officers of stolen vehicles or other criminal activity related to identified license plates. To power the new system, Cox Business Internet connections link 57 fixed location cameras to the Sheriff's office virtual private network (VPN). In addition, the car tag recognition system includes 11 cameras in Sheriff's office vehicles that wirelessly transmit data for officers patrolling an area. Both sets of cameras interface with the Department of Motor Vehicles' database at the Sheriff's headquarters.

Already the Sheriff's department is seeing results. Thus far, the department has not only recovered 121 vehicle and license plates, but it has also arrested 89 people for vehicle theft. What's more, the automated plate recognition system has given the department leads in drive-by shooting, burglary, narcotics, homicide, firearms and fugitive investigations. Cox's presence with New Orelans local and federal government agencies has continued to grow. Last fall, Cox Business secured a spot on the New Orleans Metropolitan Local Services Acquisition contract to provide service to federal government agencies.

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