Cox Business puts customers on display during World IPv6 Day

Cox Business wants to illustrate that IPv6 can work in a real world environment, and it's participating in tomorrow's World IPv6 Day test flight along with some of its key customers.

While the event may be new, Cox Business is not a stranger to IPv6, having started to exchange native IPv4 and IPv6 traffic in a dual stack mode with some of its business customers and now on its residential networks with Cox employees. What's more, Cox's core network is IPv6 compliant with plans to start bringing IPv6 capabilities to the network edge.

Tomorrow, Cox will work with key customers including ARIN, FastQ Communications, InsureMyTrip, Jefferson Lab, Kwikom, Login and Promptlink to test IPv6 functionality during the World IPv6 Day event. During the day, these businesses will access multiple websites running IPv6 and monitor interoperability with their internal systems.

Following the event, each of the participating businesses will highlight various lessons learned on what was successful and what they could do to improve processes as v6 migration gets underway.

Of course, the move to IPv6 is going to be a multiyear transition.

Jeff Finkelstein, senior director of architecture, Cox Communications, said that its "dual-stack IPv6 deployment allows customers the ability to continue leveraging current IPv4 capability while incrementally adding the IPv6 support required for the next generation of network devices and applications."

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