Cox to test new network management scheme

With the Federal Communications Commission seemingly still on the Comcast's tail about its network management practices, fellow cable TV company and ISP Cox Communications is preparing to trial its own new network traffic management system beginning next month. Cox plans to conduct the test in parts of Kansas and Arkansas.

At times of network congestion, Cox will prioritize traffic such as video over file-sharing and other non-time sensitive applications, which of course means that applications with secondary status could see slower performance during those busier times. Like Comcast, Cox has been scrutinized over its network management practices, though unlike Comcast, Cox has not been investigated and fined by the FCC.

That FCC activity inspired Cox to evaluate and change its own approach, The Associated Press reports. There are not many details otherwise yet about Cox's new strategy, though it does sound different than Comcast's new approach, which apparently does not identify traffic types--not that Comcast's new approach has proved any more satisfying to the FCC.

For more:
- The Associated Press has this report

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