Crowe: Video 60-70% of Level 3 traffic

James Crowe, CEO of Level 3 Communications spoke at the Silicon Flatirons conference at the University of Colorado this week said that video traffic now accounts for between 60% and 70% of the carrier's IP network traffic, and that the growth trend will only continue to fill the capacious fiber network operators have busily invested in the last few years. Level 3 also invested much in content delivery networks to help manage that video load

He also told a crowd heavy in policy and regulatory types that he favors a watchdog approach to Net neutrality but that the watchdog should be the Federal Trade Commission, not the Federal Communications Commission. In addition, he predicted that economics will come to favor unbundled, open approaches to networks, devices and applications, rather than the closed system perpetuated-and subsequently aggressively challenged--in last year's launch of the iPhone.

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