CUJO AI adds online consumer privacy protection to its quiver

CUJO AI is now offering service providers and their broadband customers a new tracking and privacy platform. (Pixabay)

CUJO AI is using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for its new online privacy and tracking platform, which is called Incognito. 

CUJO AI offers "digital life protection" through its AI solutions that are in use by network service providers and their customers. CUJO AI provides network, mobile and public Wi-Fi operators with a full-stack set of cloud and edge software that captures, processes, curates and acts on device-level network data.

With Incognito, CUJO AI uses its AI engine, ML analysis and real-time traffic classification to help broadband users and service providers evaluate privacy threats in the data flows and then block elements to provide privacy protection. 

Incognito uses machine learning to analyze website requests and upstream responses, looking for third-party trackers such as cookies, browser fingerprinting techniques and tracking ads. Incognito blocks these trackers in the broadband gateway and minimizes the personal information disclosed.

Service providers will be able to use Incognito to offer customers privacy and ad-blocking services across all devices without them needing to install specialized software on their devices because the blocking activity is performed on the operator’s managed broadband or network deployed gateway.

Incognito works across all types of internet browsing, including SSL-encrypted content, TVs, IoT devices and mobile apps. It also employs whitelists where it knows that sites won’t work if tracking software is blocked, and lets this traffic through. CUJO AI lets service providers pick which tracker types are blocked and can customize the whitelist sites for their subscribers.

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“At CUJO AI our aim is to design and develop revolutionary Digital Life Protection solutions," said CUJO AI CEO Einaras von Gravrock, in a statement. "Our team strives to improve and enrich connected experiences on a global scale. We have enhanced our product portfolio with the AI-powered Incognito solution to prove that users’ connectivity can be safe, fast and most importantly confidential. This innovation is predicted to be in high demand since, for the first time, it allows users to take back control of their private information without the worry of hackers or private information leaks.”

CUJO AI has announced two major partnerships with Comcast and Charter Communications, but it also has additional deployments in place in the U.S., Asia and Europe. In January, cloud-native networking vendor Aviatrix announced that CUJO AI was deploying its software across its global cloud network.