CWA, AT&T disagree on use of "passed" in April 1 contract negotiations

Special Report: The CWA AT&T contract negotiation saga
CWA and AT&T "very unlikely" to come to agreement before deadline

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) is not pleased over the use of the word "passed" in reported AT&T comments on the status of contract negotiations. Union officials are concerned that members may be misled into thinking that a contract agreement has been reached.

According to at least three District bargaining reports posted on CWA's website over the past 24 hours, AT&T made or issued an April 1 statement that said, "Proposals including wages, healthcare and pension have now been passed at all six Regional Bargaining Tables."  

In a statement posted on the CWA website, District 3 CWA Vice President Beverly A. Hicks said "PASSED DOES NOT MEAN AGREED TO. On these issues several proposals have been passed and countered but none have been agreed to. When District 3 or the rest of the Nation reach an agreement, CWA will let you know."

District 4 and 9 also report the use of the word "passed" by AT&T and offer similar clarifications, with District 4 saying the use of the word "passed" translates to "presented to the union."

Expect to see more CWA action across the next two days. Thursday was designated as "Red Thursday," with CWA members putting on red shirts and picketing AT&T facilities while Friday will be "Black Friday" in support of health care benefits.

For more:
- CWA's District bargaining reports can be found here.
- WPXI in Pittsburgh catches Red Shirt Thursday here.

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