CWA, AT&T 'Far from agreement' on contract negotiations

Special Report: THE CWA AT&T contract negotiation saga

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Negotiations between the Communications Workers of America and AT&T are "basically not going well," said CWA Local 6402 President Mildred Montgomery.  A March 31 piece by the Wichita Eagle says union workers will go out on strike this weekend if talks don't result in new contracts.

Negotiations began Feb. 24, but Montgomery said that so far CWA and AT&T are "far from agreement" on new contracts, with discussions "basically not going well... not going well at all."

The main stumbling block is health care. AT&T has proposed that union workers be required to pay higher insurance premiums, deductibles and other costs. An AT&T spokesperson said union workers in the wireline division have the most generous health care benefits despite working in a declining part of AT&T's business.

Montgomery says workers are prepared to strike.

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