CWA, AT&T square off on health care

AT&T offers wage hikes to CWA, bargaining continues
Kansas CWA local president: Talks with AT&T 'not going well'
CWA exec VP denounces AT&T, calls for petition signing

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) is singling out health care as the biggest issue in current contract negotiations. On Monday, CWA issued a release rejecting AT&T's comparisons between its business and the U.S. auto industry.

Since AT&T made $12.9 billion in profits last year and is on track for "solid growth" this year, while the auto companies have lost billions over a number of years, one might concede that CWA has a point.

CWA is calling for AT&T to "step up" and show leadership on national health care reform.

Apparently, AT&T is pressing to have union members pay more for health insurance, but CWA has so far refused to compromise.

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