CWA Dist. 6 negotiators leave bargaining table

There has not been much new of late to report about the ongoing contract negotiations between AT&T and the Communications Workers of America union, which means that about 80,000 employees remain in limbo about the future of their pay, healthcare costs, and other issues. In many parts of the country, union employees have conducted weekly picketing or other forms of protest.

Now, District 6 of the CWA, which represents employees in Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas, says that its bargaining committee has left the negotiation table "due to the fact that AT&T has not made any significant movement on many of the major issues."

Bargaining committee members may have sorely needed the break, as negotiations have been ongoing for about four months. At this point, the group said it will wait for some indication that AT&T is ready to move forward. AT&T spokesman Walt Sharp said via email that AT&T has a last, best and final offer on the table in District 6.

"We have been discussing that offer with the union, and, even though the union has chosen to leave the table, we stand ready to continue those discussions," Sharp said. "It is still our hope that the District leadership will see fit to allow its members to vote on the offer."

Sharp also said the company views the healthcare coverage in the offer as one of the best plans in the nation, and that negotiations would continue at other District negotiating tables.

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