CWA stays visible in AT&T contract countdown

With less than two weeks left on a set of contracts with AT&T, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) is keeping up the protest pressure, as picketers walked outside of AT&T offices in Fresno, California and Kalamazoo, Michigan this week. Expect CWA to ratchet up the public relations pressure as the clock ticks down to April 4.

About 100 workers picketed outside AT&T's district office late Wednesday afternoon, with a union spokesperson saying that bargaining has gone on for three weeks with no movement on either side. AT&T told local TV station CBS47 that the negotiations are "routine" and the company is "confident" that it can work out a fair deal before the contract expires.

Only a handful of workers from CWA Local 4123 showed up for an informational picket on Thursday outside of the AT&T building in downtown Kalamazoo, with the vice president of the Local saying that AT&T is asking for concessions that would cut pay, require employees to contribute more money for health benefits, and provide little protection for the pensions of current and retired workers.

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