Denmark's TDC prepares for VDSL2/vectoring deployment after trials with select customers

Denmark's TDC is moving forward with its plans to deploy VDSL2 and vectoring throughout its territory to provide up to 100/30 Mbps over its existing copper network for over half a million Danish households following a series of successful trials with a select group of customers.

Beginning in January 2015, TDC will roll out vectoring after gaining permission to pursue its plans from Denmark's Business Authority. Up until now, government regulations have prohibited the telco from deploying vectoring in its copper network.

The telco said that by combining vectoring technology with its existing copper network infrastructure and other planned upgrades, it can deliver the higher speeds "without digging up people's front yards."

Being able to provide up to 100 Mbps is in response to the Danish government's support of the European Union's Digital Agenda target of delivering speeds of 100 Mbps to 70 percent of the country's households by the year 2020.

"The potential of vectoring is enormous," said Peter Schleidt, president in TDC Operations, in a release. "By not having to dig thousands of kilometers of cable down, we are now able to accommodate far more Danes for the same investment." 

In 2012, the service provider began a trial of Alcatel-Lucent's (NYSE: ALU) VDSL2/vectoring technology as a means to review how it could deliver up to 100 Mbps and higher on its existing copper plant in the village Foldby between Aarhus and Randers.

At that time, the entire city agreed to be the first to participate in an experiment in which TDC even installed extra "dummy clients" in the local distribution point for putting extraordinary pressure on the network.

TDC is one of several European telcos to either begin a trial or a wide-scale deployment of VDSL2 with vectoring.

Such a strategy makes sense in areas where service providers can't make a business case to deploy FTTP. Other recent high profile deployments are taking place at Belgacom, eircom, Deutsche Telekom and BT (NYSE: BT). Out of this group, Deutsche Telekom has launched one of the most ambitious initiatives, with plans to spend €6 billion ($7.9 billion) to build out a FTTC network to expand download speeds on its copper lines from 50 to 100 Mbps.

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