Deprived Houston Comcast customers grow grumpy

Most Comcast customers in the Houston area have their service back after Hurricane Ike, but those who don't can't get an answer out of the cable provider as to when they'll be up again.

About 93 percent of Comcast's 750,000 customers in the Houston area are back on line, but the other 7 percent are still without cable, phone and/or Internet service. Comcast says they continue to find severed drop lines to individual customers, due to either tree or water damage. 

In some cases customers can get estimates on when their neighborhoods will be restored. With technicians working around the clock to restore service, Comcast is focusing its repairs on segments that affect the most people - network backbone first, then nodes, with drop lines last.

For more:
- Houston Chronicle talks to deprived Comcast customers. Article.

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