Deutsche Telekom and Ciena join forces on new Layer 1 security service

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Deutsche Telekom and Ciena team up on a new security offering that encrypts all data during its journey across the globe. (Pixabay)

To better protect data that’s in transit, Deutsche Telekom and Ciena have teamed up on a new security service that encrypts all data during its journey across the globe.

The new service, which is called Encrypted Lambda, encrypts data on hardware located at the client’s site and protects it over Layer 1, which is the physical layer, while it's transmitted.

“Our Encrypted Lambda solution is truly an innovation," said Stuart Evers, vice president, access and transport management, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, in a statement. "Other providers use traditional methods, which are software-based over Layer 3 or 4. That makes encryption CPU intensive, slower and expensive. Because utilizing software requires more servers, adds latency and needs superior set-up and management capabilities.”

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Encrypted Data is based on Ciena's WaveLogic encryption platform. Verticals that stand to benefit from the service include organizations that need to transmit very large amounts of confidential data quickly, such as financial institutions or healthcare organizations.

Those verticals require secure wire-speed data transmission over long distances. Those transactions need to happen within milliseconds because millions of dollars are at risk of being lost when connections are too slow.

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