DSCI puts FiberTower's wireless Ethernet into its expansion diet

While fiber is the most optimal medium to deliver advanced services (VoIP, MPLS-based VPNs, etc), Waltham, Mass.-based competitive service provider DSCI decided it needed a new alternative that could both meet its stringent quality standards and get to customers where fiber was not readily available. It found its solution in FiberTower's wholesale wireless Ethernet service.

DSCI always faced a dilemma in delivering advanced services to business customers: it had to qualify each business customer for fiber. Unfortunately, even if available fiber is in or close to the building they want to serve, the cost of trenching it and gaining building access can be a costly proposition. But by crafting a network interconnection agreement to leverage FiberTower's wireless-based Ethernet services, DSCI will be able to not only add more connectivity options to its roster, but also expand high capacity network coverage where it did not have network facilities.

Beginning in May, DSCI will extend its next-gen service set within the Boston, Mass. area in addition to the 12 other markets where FiberTower has already built out network facilities.  

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