DT to partner with competitors for fiber build

Deutsche Telecom is reportedly going to work with its competitors to build out fiber networks, rather than shouldering the costs by itself.

DT fixed-infrastructure boss Timothy Höttges is apparently working out bi-lateral arrangements with several phone company competitors for infrastructure buildouts to deliver both TV and consumer high-speed broadband connections [If this reporter is deciphering the German to English translation correctly]. Previously, DT built, owned and operated the total backbone infrastructure without partners, meaning it paid all the costs and made all the profits.

Working with other phone companies currently delivering DSL and other services is a pragmatic move to stem the tide of cable TV companies moving in and a necessary preemption to government regulators attempting to force open fiber optic networks to all competitors. 

For more:
- WirtschaftsWoche on DT cooperate moves for fiber builds. Article in original German.

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