E-mail outage has Comcast all a-Twitter

Cable TV giant Comcast's e-mail service was down for several hours on Saturday. It's not know how many customers were affected by the outage, but one thing was certain: Comcast appeared resolved to communicate constantly with affected customers about the problem via Twitter. Network World reported that Frank Eliason, who is driving Comcast's efforts to be more aggressive about customer service as director of Digital Care, provided several updates about the outage over several hours to the 14,000 people who subscribe to the Comcastcares Twitter feed.

That is indeed pretty aggressive communication by the standards of most telecom service providers, and must have come as re-assuring to many. However, Network World also says some fixes pledged by Eliason during his Tweets didn't pan out as suggested. Comcast gets points for the effort, but Comcast and other service providers may still need to find the right mix between frequent communication and clear information as they leverage the power of Twitter.

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