EarthLink introduces software defined WAN-based network visibility services

EarthLink has debuted its Application Performance Optimization services set, giving its customers better visibility into how their applications use bandwidth and the option to adjust how resources are consumed.

Consisting of a set of software defined WAN services that provide businesses with real-time analytics, EarthLink said that Application Performance Optimization can help a business manage their mission-critical workloads without having to purchase more bandwidth.

EarthLink's Application Performance Optimization can enhance application performance across the network with two services:

Application visibility and control: Administrators can monitor, troubleshoot, and set alarms and performance benchmarks. A set of real-time dashboards display quality of service scores per location for jitter, latency, and packet loss and provide automatic system adjustments to preserve prioritization.

Dynamic WAN path selection:  This service identifies the most expedient path for each application, separating critical traffic and dynamically rerouting it when the primary route is congested.

To monitor and control WAN traffic and application performance, the new service leverages InfoVista's Ipanema application guarantee technology. What drove EarthLink to choose InfoVista was that their product provides protection for business-critical application performance over other traffic. It is also a more affordable solution, an important factor for large, multi-site customers that are looking to control costs.

Customers also can also engage Earthlink's professional services to engineer their application optimization plan. The professional services team can work with a business to evaluate the network, determine the ideal WAN architecture, identify which workloads to move, what type of cloud environment to utilize (public, private, hybrid) and which third-party provider is the best choice, and help migrate workloads to the cloud.

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