Earthlink shows signs of life in the third quarter

There's really not much to like about Earthlink's third-quarter performance as the ISP reported continued falling revenue and more subscriber losses. However, as reported in OneTrack, while the ISP's subscriber losses and churn continued, the figures did come down a bit and showed signs that customer churn could be stabilizing in the third-quarter.

During the third quarter, Earthlink reported that 13,000 subscribers left, a 2,000 increase in subscriber loss from the second quarter, but not nearly as bad as the 55,000 loss it saw in Q3 2008. Earthlink had 832,000 broadband subscribers as of the end of the third quarter.

On the narrowband side, Earthlink's subscriber base was down by 127,000, a slight decrease from the 131,000 subscriber loss it suffered in the second quarter and well below the 210,000 subscriber loss in the same quarter of last year. The ISP reported that as of the end of the third quarter, it had 1.3 million narrowband subscribers.

But a slowdown in subscriber loss was not enough to stop Earthlink's financial bleeding. Company revenue was $174.5 million, a drop from the $185.6 million from the second quarter and the $230.8 million it reported during the same quarter last year.  

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