Enterprises are top target for DDOS attackers; Cloud security tops $9B

Indonesia tops in attack traffic: The latest research from Akamai's quarterly State of the Internet report indicates that distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks reported by its customers rose 54 percent between the first and second quarter of 2013. Of the 318 DDOS incidents reported, 134 were enterprise customers, making them a leading target of such attacks. Commerce, media & entertainment, high tech and the public sector are also among those most often targeted. In the same report, Akamai noted that attack traffic originating from Indonesia increased to 38 percent in Q2, putting it ahead of China as the biggest originator of such traffic. The United States held onto third place in this category of infamy, originating 6.9 percent of global attack traffic. Release

Akamai attack traffic recorded q2 2013

(Source: Akamai State of the Internet Q2 2013)

Asia reduces reliance on North America Internet: U.S. dominance on the Internet connectivity front is dropping slightly, reports Telegeography, particularly in Asia, where 40 percent of the region's 19.9 Tbps of bandwidth was connected to the United States and Canada this year--down from 48 percent in 2009. Intra-Asian capacity grew 44 percent in 2013, much more than trans-Pacific capacity, which increased 32 percent. "One key reason for the declining share of Asian capacity accounted for by the trans-Pacific route is the sourcing of content closer to Asia," said Cody Williams, a TeleGeography analyst. "As many carriers in the region seek to reduce reliance on U.S.-hosted content, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo have been established as regional hubs for exchanging traffic and hosting content, as opposed to a waypoint that carriers must pass to get content from the U.S." Story


Security marches to the cloud: The managed security market will grow 45 percent in the next five years, bolstered by IT departments' continued migration to cloud services, Infonetics Research reports. Cloud-based security revenue is forecast to increase through 2017 at a 10.8 percent CAGR, to reach $9.2 billion. Managed security vendors will face serious competition from heavyweights Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), which already have standalone SaaS-based products. But a few stumbling blocks may be in the segment's growth path, said Jeff Wilson, principal analyst for security at Infonetics. "Improvements in the efficacy and ease of management of security products could decrease the urgency to move to the cloud, and regulatory drivers are forcing some customers to keep all data on premise," he said. Release

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