Epsilon plants an SDN flag in Turkey, launches a PoP in Istanbul

Through a partnership, Singapore-based Epsilon will build an SDN hub in Istanbul. (Pixabay)

Wholesale service provider and enterprise provider Epsilon has landed in Turkey with a planned SDN hub and a point-of-presence (PoP) in Istanbul.

Working with ORIS Telekom, a Turkish telecoms provider, Epsilon will build an SDN hub in Istanbul in order to deliver on-demand connectivity from Turkey to the Middle East and Europe, as well as to cloud service providers and internet exchanges.

The partnership includes a joint PoP located in the TI Sparkle data center in Istanbul, which is one of the most diversely connected carrier-neutral facilities in the region, according to Epsilon.

ORIS Telekom will white-label Epsilon's Infiny SDN platform under its new international brand of ORIS Global Networks, and deliver on-demand connectivity to its customers in Turkey and across the globe.

Singapore-based Epsilon's SDN platform has interconnections with more than 220 data centers, major cloud service providers (CSPs), internet exchanges (IXs) and networks over its backbone. The PoP in the TI Sparkle data center will provide increased connectivity options for both Epsilon and ORIS Telekom’s customers and partners.

“Our partnership with ORIS Telekom brings Infiny to one of the world’s fastest growing high-tech hubs. Turkey is a gateway from Europe to the Middle East and this partnership demonstrates the global reach and scalability of our SDN fabric,” said Epsilon CEO Jerzy Szlosarek, in a statement. “With Infiny, ORIS Telekom can now bring on-demand connectivity to its customers across Turkey all from a single platform. Infiny is a growing SDN platform and we look forward to working with ORIS Telekom to bring its benefits to businesses in Turkey.” 

By white-labeling Infiny, ORIS Telekom gains access to Epsilon’s connectivity services, which immediately turbo charges its service portfolio. Infiny provides direct connectivity to Aliababa Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other CSPs as well as enabling remote peering with global internet exchanges.

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Epsilon launched its Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity platform and portal two years ago as the centerpiece of its on-demand connectivity services that are located on its software-defined networking fabric. The portal can be accessed via PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Last year Epsilon announced it was expanding its presence in the United States to provide more connectivity options for its end customers through its SDN network, backbone and web portal.