ETSI debuts Release Three of Open Source MANO

OSM Release THREE facilitates the adoption of complex operation workflows without compromising the security of the network or its operations.

ETSI Open Source has made Open Source Mano (OSM) Release THREE generally available, illustrating the organization’s efforts to get out a new release every six months to help service providers and businesses with their NFV orchestration transitions.

Featuring a new role-based access control, OSM Release THREE enables users from different service providers to access the OSM system with the appropriate set of privileges. It facilitates the adoption of complex operation workflows without compromising the security of the network or its operations.

Release THREE also supports projects, shared spaces where users can access and operate a given set of Network Services and Virtual Network Functions (VNF), enabling collaborative work with orchestration.


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“OSM Release THREE provides a highly functional and reliable component for NFV Orchestration that enables all industry players to accelerate their deployment plans, with no need to change their target architectures for NFV infrastructure or OSS transformation,” said Francisco-Javier Ramón, chairman of ETSI OSM group, in a release.

Leveraging a technology-agnostic construct, the New Service Assurance and Monitoring capabilities allow the orchestrator to act on events and metrics gathered from VNFs and infrastructures. Other features such as antiaffinity rules as well as explicit port ordering and device role tagging facilitate VNF deployments, availability and resiliency.

To illustrate how the latest release can work in real-world situations, ETSI will hold its first OSM Onboarding Hackfest during the second ETSI NFV Plugtests event in January 2018. Additionally, ETSI OSM members will participate in the Plugtests event, bringing their OSM implementations.

The ETSI Open Source community continues to grow. During the past six months, an additional 17 organizations joined the community, bringing the total to 83 organizations.